Optical emission spectrometer ARL 3460 is used for chemical analysis in our laboratory. From the warehouse entry process to the final product control process, raw materials and finished materials are tested for control purposes. Thanks to the wide element content of the spectrometer, the material quality can be easily determined.

Thus, quality awareness has been developed by ensuring repeatability and accuracy with the tests performed. In the mechanical tests we carry out in our organization, a Yield-Tensile test device with a capacity of 600 KN is used. It is aimed to make the right material selection by determining the yield, tensile and elongation values. In addition, there is a fixed hardness device in our laboratory. With the hardness device, HRB and HRC hardness can be measured for many grades. Ultrasonic control, one of the non-destructive testing methods, is carried out in-house with GE USM 35 test device for large-scale materials.